Classes/Special Training

Saturday- Beginners Classes
Introduction to the basics.blocks, punches,kicks and footwork. 1st program of Chinese strength exercises. 

Monday - Basic Shuai Chiao
Introduction to the basics of footwork, throws and falls required to perform the basics of Shuai Chiao

Thursday- Ranked Class
​Advanced techniques and concepts of fighting. Must have completed both Shuai Chiao and Tai Chi basics, along with at least 2 strength programs completed.

TBA Day- Tai Chi
Basics excercises of Tai chi. Breathing,footwork, movements,concepts and form . 

Special Training
Chief Instructor
G.M. Gene Chicione
- 10th Black

Senior Instructors
Shawn Slonsky 8th Degree Black
George Haley 8th Degree Black
John Bisson 7th Degree Black

Shawn Riley 

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Arm Grab Program
Iron Vest Program
Iron Palm Program
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