Shuai Chiao 
I.S.C.A was founded by Grandmaster Chang Tung Sheng (The Flying Butterfly) in 1982 to spread the combat effectiveness of Shuai Chiao to the world as the most effective combat style in Chinese martial arts. Shuai Chiao is the mother of all Chinese martial arts having been around almost 5000 years (started around 2697 BC). GM Chang was the president until his untimely death in 1986 at which time he named his 13th disciple Gene Chicoine to head the organization. Grandmaster Chicoine (The Sleeping Tiger) continues today to keep his promise to his teacher by continuing to teach GM Chang's style of combat Shuai Chiao in his school and around the world.
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Ho Chun School of Chinese Martial Arts
1000 River Street
Akron , Ohio 44305
Phone: 330-253-4656
ISCA voids certificates due to fraud
Grand Master Chicione has voided the unofficial ranking of Alexander Knight, his students, and Tim McKitrick due to false and misleading information given to Master Roger Soo at the time. No ranking is official until the president of the ISCA has approved and signed all certificates. 
​Link to official letter.
ISCA membership
ISCA membership is available. All applications must be approved through the president of the ISCA (GM Gene L. Chicione), You may also apply through Master Mike Lograsso, or Master Shawn Slonsky. No certificates will be valid without GM Chicione's signature and chop. 
Required Information: Lineage of your training (past and present teachers), years of training, present rank and style. Also there must be a personnel conversation with GM Chicione before membership will be granted. Thank you for any interest.